Studio 4

A smaller studio, with the Wisseloord sound.

The ideal space to write, produce, record and mix on the fly

Studio 4 was born by popular demand from our clients. The request was for a production and writing studio with a modern look and feel, and the technical amenities necessary for smaller productions, tracking sessions, collaborative songwriting, and the like.  

The result is a cozy control room – about 23m2 (247 sq.ft.) – featuring an API The Box mixing desk and divers A-Class outboard. This great sounding small format console is complemented by an up-to-date ProTools 12 rig and a large selection of DAW’s and plugins to facilitate the modern producers. Studio 4 has also a great sounding live room of 25m2 (269 sq.ft.) where engineers and artists can record while using the impressive backline present in Wisseloord.




  • 32 Channels i/o Anteloppe Orion
  • Various soundcards for laptop connection
  • Fully configurable to the engineer/producer’s preferences
  • Augspurgers Solo 12 A3 S12
  • PMC AML 2 for midfield monitoring
  • Additional nearfield monitors available (NS10, KRK, Quested, ProAcc)
  • Producer’s own laptop
  • UAD 2 Satellite Octo + All UAD Plugins