Studio M1

The former live room of our Studio 3 has been turned into a multifunctional studio where our clients can write, produce, mix and master their music in a great sounding room.

Writing, producing, mixing, mastering…

Studio M1 occupies the old recording space and was the first of all the studios at Wisseloord to re-open after the renovation. At 60m2 (650 sq. ft.), it’s an absolutely luxurious amount of space for a mastering room and, boy, does it sound great! Kudos to friend and acoustician Jochen Veith.
The monitors are Egglestonworks Savoy’s powered by Krell, and the centerpiece of the room is the SPL MMC1 console. Mastering 1 features a full complement of analog outboard gear for working in stereo and surround, as well as an assortment of high quality digital tools.


This room is designed for the producers who come with their laptop and work to work in their system but with using our top notch converters and monitors.

  • HEDD Monitors
  • EgglestonWorks
  • Lavry Gold
  • Prism Converters
  • Lavry Blue